Victory | Fine Art Print


There is a funny story behind this photo. I had been hiking a lot photographing in Jasper and got really bad blisters on my boots. So on the morning of this hike I had to wear my Nike tennis shoes. I figured that I have done enough dumber stuff before and I should be able to handle this. I got to the trailhead and it was pouring rain. It was late autumn and would be freezing at the top. Hmmmm. I got out a roll of duct tape and complete “waterproofed” my shoes. I have to admit, it was pretty genius. The whole idea fell apart when I got near the summit and a heavy snow began to fall. Soon after the rocky trail was covered and I couldn’t take a step without sliding three backward. I engaged my genius again and pulled out my camera tripod that has metal pegs on the bottom. I stabbed into the snow and pulled myself up step by step. It was a bit dangerous, very dumb, and kind of funny but I made it to the summit and the storm passed. The views were the best I had ever seen in my life. I faced the elements and came out victorious. The way down was not as easy but, let’s just say I lived to tell the story.


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