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Victory | Fine Art Print


There is a funny story behind this photo. I had been hiking a lot photographing in Jasper and got really bad blisters on my boots. So on the morning of this hike I had to wear my Nike tennis shoes. I figured that I have done enough dumber stuff before and I should be able to handle this. I got to the trailhead and it was pouring rain. It was late autumn and would be freezing at the top. Hmmmm. I got out a roll of duct tape and complete “waterproofed” my shoes. I have to admit, it was pretty genius. The whole idea fell apart when I got near the summit and a heavy snow began to fall. Soon after the rocky trail was covered and I couldn’t take a step without sliding three backward. I engaged my genius again and pulled out my camera tripod that has metal pegs on the bottom. I stabbed into the snow and pulled myself up step by step. It was a bit dangerous, very dumb, and kind of funny but I made it to the summit and the storm passed. The views were the best I had ever seen in my life. I faced the elements and came out victorious. The way down was not as easy but, let’s just say I lived to tell the story.


  • Museum Quality 
  • 100 Year Ink Guarantee
  • Printed On 12 Color Giclée Printers
  • Sustainable & Environmentally Responsible Printing
  • Unrivaled Packaging With No-Fuss Damage Replacement


Made With Love

I made this website and have taken each photo with a lot of love and a lot of hard work. I think there is nothing more disappointing than looking forward to a great product, then getting it and it’s junk. While that would have been a lot easier, I did not want that to be the experience of my clients. So I sourced products that are the best of the best; outstanding quality, good packaging, and a luxury finish. I researched and ordered prints from dozens of companies and finally found a printer that was head-and-shoulders above all others. For example, most printers use a combination of 4 inks, this printer uses 12 inks to ensure each color is true and beautiful. The paper they use is the finest in the world and fit for museums. Additionally, gloss prints will have a harsh glare on the photos so I only print what is called “enhanced matte” so there is no glare from any direction and any time in any lighting but each print has been enhanced for vivid details.

I hope that my photographs might be an inspiration to someone and a “mental escape” of hope and beauty. So far, I don’t sell a lot of prints (yet). But each dollar made through this site is used to help someone else who is less fortunate and in need. I greatly appreciate your visit to my site and I hope you purchase something that I know you’ll love. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please drop me a message and I’ll get back to you right away – Joshua

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20" by 28" Extra Large Fine Art Print On 200GSM Superior Matte Finish Paper, 11" by 14" Sturdy Fine Art 1/8" Thick Gallery Board

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