The Nobleman | Fine Art Print


This is one of the most exciting photos I have ever taken. I spotted this bull elk in the wild, deep in the Canadian Rockies. I had seen a black bear earlier, and a moose, and I missed the perfect shot on both of those. So when I came upon this elk, I was ready.  I came in real slow from behind, downwind, so as not to disturb the majestic creature. I got closer and closer till I felt I was staring at it eye to eye. I was terrified, to be honest. It was so gigantic but so noble and stately. What a creature. I had no zoom on my lens, I was using a 16mm prime lens, so I was that close to it. It stood to pose for just a moment, till it gestured that it wanted me gone, and that was it. I was excited for days at the ordeal. I can’t believe I have the photo to prove it.


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