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Rise Above The Day With QUOTE | 18″ x 24″ Mounted Canvas


Beautiful Mounted Canvas 18 Inches Wide By 24 Inches Tall. Lightweight Wooden Frame


Made With Love

I set out in the dark and had to go about 9 miles to get to this specific spot. The battery on my light had died so I was walking in mostly pitch blackness as the moon was shrouded by heavy cloud cover. The first light started to creep into the atmosphere and I knew I didn’t have much time, so I powered up the trail and was nearly running to get to this spot in time. Sure enough, the golden sun rose just over the horizon, at first it was only a golden hue, then after about 15 minutes the sky shot up with colors and the clouds reflected this magnificent scene. So many days can bring us down, they are often full of problems and obstacles, I like the sense I get from this photograph, of Rising above all the things in a day that can bring us down.

The canvas print is created to order in 3-5 days and ships in 3-5 days. It is a complete canvas stretched over a frame.

Mounted Canvas 18 x 24

18 x 24 Mounted Canvas

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