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Dewey’s Perspective

Dewey’s Perspective

Last week I had gotten some hamburgers, blankets, and clothes together to give to the poor, about 65 of each, in total.
A lot of stories, I’ll try to share more, later, but one young man just sticks in my mind. His name was Dewey, about my age (27 or so). I noticed him sitting just out of the way near a barricade to a street that was closed, right in the middle of the street.
He was all bunched up with his shirt pulled over his knees and his arms wrapped around them as well. I tried to talk to him but to no avail. He just closed his eyes and winced, as if I was going to beat him up or something. He wouldn’t say a word, not even his name. He didn’t take the stuff so I left it near him and hoped he’d grab it. Half a block down, I saw him get up and walk away, so I went back and picked up the items.
A few hours later, I was talking with another man, who was blind and also homeless and I see Dewey kind of inch closer from around a corner. I catch his eye and smile. He looks at me and says “Do you still have something for me?”. Still afraid, he carefully comes up as I give him some food and clothes and a blanket. He asks “Are you sure you have enough.. you don’t need these?”
I tell him how beautiful he is, how special, how much his Father loves him, that Jesus sees his face and knows His name and will hear his every word if he talks to Him. He seems to understand and we share a moment. I give him a close hug. What a precious young man. He may have been disabled, but to me, he just seemed severely hurt.
As I go to leave after I’m about 30 feet away through the crowds, he calls out, louder than I’d expect “Will I see you again.. are you gonna come back?” His voice kind of breaking.
I don’t know that I’ll ever forget that moment. His demeanor was so broken, so hurt but wanting to be loved. He had no one. No one to love him, no one that talked to him. No one cared about him.
Really makes me want to do so much more, to develop a way to have a greater impact. For now, I hope and pray that our Father will see him and have compassion and that even a little brotherly love could touch his gentle soul.
Surely, “blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven” (Mt.5).
Thanks for reading,
(the photo above is not Dewey, it was taken the same day by a young photographer who picked up on what I was doing and did a story in his school paper)
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