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Never Settle.

I am a creative, a photographer, and a graphic designer. This site is brand new and will be developed shortly. My life's work is to help those in need across the world in troubled high-schools, prisons, youth centers, favelas, and on the streets, through education, motivational speaking and practical help. I am currently working deep in Brazil.

I have been to 55 countries and speak 4 languages. My travels have given me the incredible opportunity to shoot some amazing, award-winning photographs, now seen by tens of millions around the world. Right now I am shooting with Sony a6000. It's old and simple, but get's the job done for my budget.

In just a few years of learning photography I am honored that my photos have been featured in publications and top ranked sites around the world, and are for sale on the worlds leading photography sites. Soon I will offer custom prints and posters here to raise money for the people I work with.

Please reach out to me on Instagram if you would you'd like to discuss a project, colab or connect

I am fluent English, Spanish, Portuguese and conversational in French.

Photoshop Expert

I have multiple certificates in Photoshop and tested out in the top 11% percent world wide in an Adobe approved training course.

Diploma In Graphic Design

Graphic, print and web design is my bread and butter. Each year I send more than 100,000 products in to product around the world. Designing logos for small business is my favorite.

Featured Photography

My photos have been featured on front page of some of internets leading websites. It's always exciting for me and I can't wait to see where this journey will take me.

Today, our network encompasses over 160 stores, with operations in eight markets across the Center.

Diploma in Digital & Social Media Marketing

I am happy to now be proficient in a pivotal skill in these modern times and offer this additional service to my clients.

I am a dreamer, weaver, sculptor and lover of good design. I believe that subtly and simplicity are the pillars of clean and quality creations. Add a dash of daring and you're start to have something special.

I am a designer with 9 years experience, a verified Adobe Photoshop Expert with 8 graphic design and Adobe Program certifications with a diploma in Digital & Social Media Marketing. I have completed dozens of websites, thousands of graphics, hundreds of logos, and sent over 1 million printed products into production, I know what works and what doesn’t. I have come to understand that in the real world all design must be primarily functional and secondly; beautiful. My principal is that good design can be limitless but always has two fundamental elements; detail and clarity.

My goal is to achieve a high level of photography and find a way to make enough to fund my work with those who are in need around the world.

Every country I visit, people are just suffering so much in so many ways. In addition to needing food and clothes, they need hope, love, someone to care for them a little and inspire them to carry on and rise to a greater life.

I hope to begin working in Africa once the quarantine is over.

+1 702 716 1565