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About Me

I travel to third world countries to work with those in need and help those who are suffering in many ways. I got into photography because I wanted to create beautiful time-lapse videos to capture the attention of audiences and project an educational, therapeutic and motivational message, as well as create inspirational posters to mass print and to give to those I work to put on their mostly barren walls and be daily inspiration for years to come.

I have since become very serious in photography and hope that it will become a source of income to fund my work to help others.  I won a major photo contest in 2019 and have garnered over 65 million views on my photos online in the past year and have been featured in more than 2.7k sites across the web.
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Hello there, 

My name is Joshua John Woroniecki. I am a creative professional, graphic designer and avid photographer.

How I Got Started In Photography

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Long Story Short

I got started in photography in 2015 after an extended volunteer trip working throughout South America.

I have been traveling from Colombia all the way around to Brazil for several years (on and off) working in schools, homes for the elderly, homeless shelters, youth detention centers and prisons was the most incredible experience of my life. Partnering with countless ONG’s, foundations, and government agencies to volunteer to reach those who are in the most need. From Colombia, where I worked along side the U.N. deep in the jungle to bring aid to those who were victims of the drug war, to arriving in a remote desert town in the Northern Chilean desert just after a major earthquake hit and working along side the Chilean Red Cross to help those who just lost their homes or were to afraid to be inside, were some of the defining moments.

While many of the people I encountered throughout South America suffer terribly in numerous ways, they were so beautiful, kind,  full of life and joy. They are ever so grateful for any help along the way. 

Long story short, in addition to other means of practically helping others,  I wanted to find a way to inspire them and bring the wonder of the mountains, lakes, forests, rivers, and nature in the United States into their lives. I believe that the right video or photo can be both therapeutic and inspiring. 

So after a trip back to the USA to get supplies I got a used DSLR camera off of craigslist for next to nothing. I have since paid it off by selling stock photo’s online. I began to shoot time-lapse videos and photos of the best places, taking detours to visit national parks near the areas I was already working in here in the US. Returning to South America I began to project the videos inside of schools, homeless shelters, elderly homes, prisons and other venues. In addition, I created posters with inspirational messages and mass printed them to give to those I worked with. 

I have received countless emails and messages from people telling me how the poster on the wall is a daily inspiration in their lives and a reminder of a strangers love and concern for them. 

I have been learning French and am preparing to begin working in Africa when the lockdowns are over if all goes well. As well as continuing to work throughout South America. 


My hope is to one day, not so far off, become a professional photographer and use photography to fund my work helping others through selling stock, selling fine-art prints, and collaborations. There are so many in need in so many places. In addition to the practical needs of food and clothing and shelter people need hope, understanding, and a strategy to get their lives on track. 




Where I Work

High Schools

I work in large high Schools in really bad slums through out South America motivational speaking and helping students find alternative outlets other than the drugs and violence that surround them. Often using music and comedy to get through to the younger audience.

Suicide Prevention

Countless individuals, just behind the outward smile, are on the brink of giving up. We each have a story and often carry pain that know one else knows about. In all areas of my life and work, I make it my personal mission to find ways to reach out to those who are dealing with these issues.

Youth Detention Centers

In the third-world, a life-ending mistake or stupid decision is even closer to everyday life than it is here in the USA. I speak at youth detention centers to connect with young men about a strategy for life and effective decision making.


People are quick to write off "prisoners" for obvious reasons. But anyone with a deeper perspective understands how easily the tragedy and cruelty of life can lead anyone to such a place. I believe we all make mistakes and we all deserve a second chance. I visit hundreds of prisons around the world to help them find that second chance.

Public Events

I often coordinate large events and volunteer with both international and local ONG's, foundations and government offices to assist in various community services.


I have spent a great deal of time teaching in orphanages overseas. It has been one of the great honors of my life. I love organizing trips to the presidential palace, iceskating, parks or even a theme park one time for hundreds of the precious children.

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