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Thank you for visiting my site. I work throughout the United States and especially in third-world countries to help those who are in need in schools, favelas, on the streets and in prison & detention centers. Traveling to do this has given me the incredible opportunity to shoot some incredible, award-winning photography, now seen by millions around the world.

Additionally, I am creative professional with a diploma in digital media marketing, photoshop, & graphic design. I have personally created and sent more than 1 million items into print.
Joshua Woroniecki Photographer Photography. HOW I SHOOT As if you were there. I shoot powerful landscapes with vivid colors that fully embody the moment in which they were taken so that the person looking at the photo can stand in it and be moved by it. I want people to look at my photos and mentally gasp. joshua-woroniecki-landscape Joshua Woroniecki Landscape Photographer HIRE ME Design. MY EDGE Never
I have more than a dozen certificates and diplomas in design & marketing and 10+ years of experience creating everything from full color magazines, to restaurant menus, to websites, brands and logos for small businesses and large companies. HIRE ME
My parents raised me to see and prioritize those who suffering in this world and to apply my skills and resources to care about others. I spend much time in third-world nations visiting remote areas, going into troubled schools, orphanages, elderly homes, youth centers, and prisons to bring what help and hope I can through education, music, art, and motivational speaking. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Edward Burk READ MORE

Using Photography To Help Others In Need

My life’s work is to help others who are suffering, or in need in the United States and in third-world nations around the globe.  100% of anything I make from my photography is used directly to helping real people who are in need; kids in bad schools in a gang run “favelas”, men and women on the streets trying to get on their feet, and inmates and young men at detention centers or prisons who are trying to turn their lives around. 

During my travels, I have the occasional opportunity to detour a tad to a nearby scenic location where I have been able to shoot some incredible, award-winning shots, now seen by tens of millions around the world. 


Purchase A Print To Help Me Help Others

Each photograph is available in these two beautiful options:

Museum Quality Prints

Sourced exclusively from Hahnemühle, the world’s most famous paper maker, and printed on 12-colour Giclée fine art printers with a 100 year ink guarantee.

Elegant Packaging

Each print arrives beautifully with rigid materials and wax paper or cellophane to ensure your print arrives perfect. This makes for an excellent gift for anyone on your list.

100% Of Proceeds Go To Charity

Every purchase made on this site means a lot to me, because not 10, but 100% of proceeds will be used to help children andpeople who poor and in need.

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